Thursday, January 17, 2008

Quilting. . . . just one of my many winter projects

For Christmas this year, Randy gave me these quilting frames - - -Grace EZ frames. I love 'em!

Now I have a way to hand quilt the quilt tops I've been working on this past fall and winter. I have room to work on them right in my own family room instead of having to set up quilting frames somewhere else.

The quilt top is pinned onto the top roller. . . then as I quilt, I roll it onto the bottom roller.

These frames are great - - I'm thrilled to have them.

This is my "Bull's Eye" quilt that I pieced last year. I belong to a quilt quild that meets once a month at the Basalt Church. Last year's project (my first year in the quild) was to exchange quilt blocks with other members of the quild, which we did for about 7 months. Then I cut all my blocks into fourths, mixed them all up, and sewed them back together to make this scappy old fashioned looking quilt. It was a lot of fun mixing so many fabrics together to make my "one-of-a-kind"quilt.

Here I am working on my quilt.

I worked on it whenever I had some free time . . . an hour here or there . . . making a little progress each day.

My goal wasn't to rush through until it's finished, but to enjoy each part of the process.

And here's the finished project!

After about two and a half weeks of quilting, I finished it! I added the binding and now it's ready to be used and enjoyed. I'm going to show it, along with some of my other quilting projects, at the upcoming quilt show at the Library next week.

It's been such a fun project . . . . just one of the many things I'll enjoy doing during these winter months.


Lani said...

I'm glad that you like this kind of project, because it seems like too much work to me. :-) It sure turned out beautiful!

Riz said...

I'm glad you finally updated the blog again. Good work.

Keep making those quilts. Maybe I can "sticky tab" them one day!

BB&KK said...

I love the quilt!! Kudos mom! ~Kris

Tami said...

YAY! You are blogging! You are one talented woman!