Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Summer Gardens

Sometimes when I go out into my yard I see such beautiful images I just have to take a few photos of them. I know it not like I don't see pretty flowers all the time. . . it's just that I love the images and I want to save it and show it to someone else who might appreciate how pretty it is. So that's what this posting of my blog is all about. Me, appreciating the beauty around me and saving some of the images to be enjoyed even after the season has past and the flowers are no longer there. I'm enjoying the moments and also saving them for a future season.
These flowers were spectacular this year . . . and every morning when I'd look out my dining room window I'd think I wish I had someone to show them to . . . . and so now I have!

And my Sweet Williams are also so pretty but they are on the south side of the yard where they are hardly ever noticed . . . so now they are.

And a few years ago, a gardening friend of mine, gave me a tiny start of these delphiniums. For several years I didn't think the plant would survive. But they did, and to my surprise, they finally bloomed this year and they were spectacular! I guess that's just an example of being patient and enjoying the beauty when it comes. They were well worth the wait.
My poppies are always some of the prettiest flowers in my summer garden. They just make you feel happy to look at them. They have such a delicate blossoms, almost like tissue paper. And they just appear each year in my garden from seeds that dropped the year before. What a nice
thing - - and from a tiny seed about the size of a flake of pepper!

These pink orientals poppies are another bonus of early summer. They don't last long, but while they bloom there isn't anything prettier.

And now my summer gardens are coming to a close and the days are getting shorter. Soon the leaves will be turning and there will be other fall beauty to enjoy. I love being able to enjoy all the seasons and see the changes each one brings. Every season has it's own beauty. I hope you've enjoyed a little glimpse of some of my summer gardens bounty!

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Kristi Burley said...

Your flower beds always look terrific. I'm happy to enjoy them with you!!