Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Waterful Weekend for both kids & dogs!

I love having family come home for a weekend. And one of the fun things about family being home in the summer is that we water the front pasture on weekends. That means for several hours, there's lots of water for kids and dogs to play in. It makes for good photos, good memories and lots of fun. And it's a good way for both kids and dogs to use up lots of energy. With Kris and her two dogs and Julie and her two boys, it made for a fun time for everyone. Both the kids and dogs played until they couldn't go anymore.

Cooper and Willis loved the water and couldn't hardly get enough of it. They look so cute waiting patiently for someone to throw the ball for them again . . . . for the hundreth time!

Bridger loved being so grown up and having the dogs listen to his instructions. It made him feel so important and neither of them ever tired of the game of fetch.

On your mark . . . get set . . . . GO!
I don't know whether Logan being rescued or dunked by Kristi, but it doesn't really matter 'cause he's having so much fun. Naturally, Cooper and Willis have to be in the mix whenever the kids are in the water . . . 'cause after all they are "water dogs"!
Oh, to be a kid again when all it took to keep you happy was to be able to play in the water in the ditch. The water may not be too clean . . . but you're wet and cooled off from the summer heat so what better way to spend a summer day! Just some of the simple joys of life in the country at Grandma's.

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