Monday, June 07, 2010

Valley of the Gods

After we left the Blanding area, we drove to Bluff, Utah where we had a little lunch and then continued on towards Valley of the Gods. The road thru the Valley of the Gods is a 17 mile road gravel road that twists and winds around some beautiful red rock formations.

I was a little skeptical when Randy turned down the main road, but it turned out to be a beautiful scenic drive, even though the road was like riding a rollercoaster. It was so awesome!
This road would be an awesome ride on mountain bikes.

The contrasts in the desert were so striking. . . the red rocks, green cedars and a carpet of wildflowers. A wet spring has made the desert especially beautiful this year.

It was the perfect time of day to be taking this scenic drive . . . late afternoon on a beautiful sunny, clear day.

Huge patches of blue wildflowers were growing everywhere. They were so pretty!

About 7 p.m., we finally arrived at Valley of the Gods Bed and Breakfast. Randy found out about this little jewel on the internet. This B & B which was built in the 1930's, was constructed out of stone and salvaged timbers from an old oil derrick. It's located between Mexican Hat and Bluff, the only home within 360,000 acres so it's really remote. Solar panels provide the electicity, and the owners truck the water in from Mexican Hat. But that's part of the reason it's such a charming and sought after B & B. Guests come from all over the country (the guestbook had names even from Austrailia, England, and Belguim) to this peaceful little spot. It really was special.

Here's the room we stayed in. Thick stone walls, with the huge timbers in the ceiling and supporting the walls. It wasn't just your ordinary motel room by any means.

The front porch was furnished with comfortable log rockers and had a view of the beautiful desert.

A table and benches were also on the porch and that's where we ate breakfast on Wednesday morning with the 3 other couples. They were from California, New Mexico and New Jersey. We would have liked to stay longer but we only had reservations for one night.

This little room was located right off from our bedroom. Our hostess, Claire, called this room the "conservatory", but whatever you call it, it was charming. A comfortable sofa, antiques, and lots of plants on window shelves made you want to spend some time here.

We sat on the porch in the evening and did a little star gazing before turning in for the evening. There was not a sound to be heard except for an ocassional coyote during the night so we had a great nights rest. The next morning we had a lovely breakfast while visiting with the other guests and then we were on our way again. It was definitely a memorable stay at the Valley of the Gods Bed and Breakfast!

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