Sunday, February 03, 2008

Making sawdust . . .and little bowls

Randy is showing Bridger how he starts to make a bowl. Starting with a chunk of wood . . .

. . . you put in on the lathe and start making sawdust as the wood is cut away (and when you're concentrating really hard you need to have your tongue stuck out - just a little - it helps to make it better)

You keep turning and turning, using different gouges and chisels, depending on how much wood you want to remove. And little by little, the bowl starts to take shape.

And making more and more sawdust as you remove the wood to form the bowl. And little by little, the beauty and character of the wood is discovered as the carving process continues.

And here are some of the bowls that Randy has made as he's learned to use his lathe. Each is a little different . . . some are made from birch, some from oak. You don't know what interesting markings you'll find in the wood until you start the process.

It's all a learning process as he discovers the beauty in the wood he's been collecting for years. Some of the wood came from a trip to Ohio, some from a trip to Tennessee, another came from Grandma Kendrick's white clump birch that was cut down several years ago. You just never know where you'll find the next piece of beautiful wood. Randy's always on the lookout! If you ever come upon a good dead hardwood tree (or even little pieces) let him know. . . or bring it to Idaho. He'll make it into something great!

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