Saturday, February 09, 2008

Winter . . . REALLY !!!

We thought we were having winter back in late December and early January . . . but now in early February WE ARE REALLY HAVING WINTER !!! Most every day I spend time shoveling or snowblowing. School has been cancelled several times and so has church. The animals are hangin in there . . . and so are we . . . but spring will be real nice.

Sometimes . . . when it's not snowing or blowing . . . it's really quite pretty!

But sometimes IT'S BLOWING LIKE H*** !!!

It's pretty bad when you have to climb out of the barn !

Ilene has had to dig out the path to the barn about 20 times. Enough already !

Lots of snow piling up everywhere . . . even on the ladder and planter box.

Just routine ! This was Thursday, Feb 7th.

You can see that getting out to and then into the barn and shop has been a constant challenge.

You can walk right off this drift and on to the top of the shop. Inside was DARK, cuz the windows were totally covered up by the snow drift. In this picture I've shovelled out about half of the shop because I was afraid the snow would break out the windows with it's weight. One more window to go !


Riz said...

Holy smokes! Those were the good ole days when school was cancelled. Awesome pictures!!!

TK said...

It's about time Idaho got back to having REAL more of the sissy stuff we've seen in the last 20 years. We need to find us an old Chevy Blazer and head out "drift-bustin'"!!! Where's the Green Machine when you need it?

Tami said...

WOW! That's a winter that I am glad we aren't experiencing! Yep, I'm the wimp from Vegas. I have had enough of what we have here. Nice to look at when it is fresh but not to get around in.

BB&KK said... the snow we've been getting in Boise doesn't really compare. We don't get the wind either (thankfully)!! I do wish the Green Machine was still around.....I'd for sure take a sick day, and head to Mitchell for that!!! ~kk

Lani said...

Is there a snow tunnel down Canyon Road yet? THAT'S when you know that it's REAL serious!

Anonymous said...

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