Friday, October 10, 2008

Biking at Jackson

Last Friday morning (Oct. 3rd) we loaded our bikes, picked up Bob and Mauri and drove over to Jackson. The drive over the pass was beautiful because all the fall colors were at their peak. That's just the kind of drive I love to take--rolling hills, farmland and Mother Nature showing off her best display of October colors. You have to appreciate all that beauty while you can because it never lasts long enough.
The temperature was perfect, a few clouds in the sky and miles and miles of nice asphalt trails to ride on. We started our ride at Wilson where we parked the pickup. Then rode on towards Teton Village--about a 10 mile ride.
The colors were so pretty. . . with a nice dusting of gold leaves on the bike trail.

We stopped at Teton Village for a little while, then rode several miles more to Teton National Park. We rode into the Park a couple of miles where we were reminded to be aware of bears--and where food storage is required. Was that for us, or the bears?

Behind Mauri and I, the mountains were dotted with pockets of yellow aspens and red scub oak. Everywhere you looked were beautiful autumn colors. It was such a pretty day and a great day for a ride. We couldn't have picked a nicer day to be enjoying some of Jackson Hole's bike trails.
We stopped at a new golf course being built near Teton Village. It's called "Shooting Star". If you have enough money you can turn what was once a flat pasture into a beautiful golf course--and in a relatively short amount of time. Just behind those beautiful gold and orange aspens and over several rolling hills is where the golf course was located. Of course, Bob and Randy were wishing they could stop and play the course, but that was for another day--after they are both a lot richer!
By the time we got back to Wilson, we'd ridden a total of 23 miles. We drove into Jackson for lunch at Merry Piglets, a great little Mexican Resturant, and then back home by way of Palisades Resevoir. We had a great day biking together and enjoying some of Mother Nature's finest work.


BB&KK said...

The colors are awesome!! It looks a lot like all the colors I saw on my bike ride in Park City a few weeks ago. I'm hoping to get our blog updated with those check us out soon. ~Kris

Tami said...

Wow! Love the colors! That's the trail I want to run the 1/2 marathon on some day. Great time to get out and ride.

Lani said...

Keep up the blogging. I love seeing all your updates. What a fun day with Bob and Mauri. I'm glad you guys can all go do fun things like that. Not EVERY Friday has to be dedicated to golfing, right? :-)