Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Grandma's Little Helper

I usually spend my days doing things in the house, working on projects or being outside in the yard - - - but most of that time I'm all alone. But early in May, I had the best little helper come for a week long visit. My days went from quiet days where I may go for hours without speaking to another soul, to having a very talkative (not always understandable) little girl be my little buddy. We had a wonderful time together!
I knew Payton loved being outside and we'd looked forward to her coming to visit so we could be in the yard, but the early part of the week, the weather was cold and windy so we found other ways to keep busy.

Since I spend so much of my indoor time in my sewing room, that became an interesting place for Payton to discover all sorts of new things to do. Her favorite thing was playing in my baskets of fabric and sorting pins - - moving the pins from one pin cushion to another. Who knew such a simple thing could entertain a little girl for such a long time?

Payton loved carrying the spray bottle around, sucking on it and dumping the fabric scaps out and then putting them back in the basket. She got lots of practice doing "cleanup" - - she's a little organizer like her mom. She loves to sort things . . .whether it's toys, pins or fabric.

Lunchtime was a real adventure. Payton didn't want my help--she wanted to feed herself and most of the time she did pretty good with most of the food staying on the high chair or in the bib. It looks like I'm feeding her dirt for lunch but she's eating one of her favorite food - black beans. She loves them. She eats them as quickly as her little fingers can pick them up!

Finally, on Friday the weather got a little warmer so we were able to spend the day in the yard. She really is an outside girl. She loved walking around on the rocks around my flower garden- - -and just being out in the yard. She was so content to just be "outside" we spend all of Friday and Saturday in the yard!

What a little punkin! We loved having her come for a visit. We don't get to have the grandchildren come for a visit very often and so to have such a sweet little girl stay with us for the week was a special treat. I'm sure her mom and dad missed her terribly while they were gone, but we were having a wonderful time!

And besides, how often do you get chance to have such a good little helper?
Not often enough!

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Kristi Burley said...

Thanks for the update. I'm sure you were busy all week with Payton!