Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Birthday Quilt

My youngest daughter celebrated her 30th birthday in June. It hardly seems possible my little girl can be 30 years old this year! Where have the years gone? It was just the other day when she was born and now she's a wife and mother of two little boys. I don't know how the time could have passed so quickly. I'd been thinking all spring about making a quilt for her birthday but then when I hurt my leg I didn't know if I'd be able to get it done in time. But I couldn't let that birthday come and go without making something special to mark the occasion. So here's the quilt I made. It's a pretty simple design with big, chunky blocks of color that will go with her sofa and other colors in her living room.
I used some of the same fabric on the backside of the quilt as I used on the front. Recently I've also been trying to make the quilt back interesting and not just making it a solid color. That way you kind of get a double quilt with design on both sides.
Julie, I hope you'll enjoy wrapping up in this guilt for many years to come and each time you do, you'll feel your mom's love and know that love will always be with you. Happy Birthday Juls!

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Kristi Burley said...

Another awesome quilt mom!!