Wednesday, April 15, 2009

All wrapped up

As you may know, I've kind of got into quiliting over the past couple years. I like to learn new techniques so that my quilting skills improve, but the only way to learn is by doing. I wanted to learn how to do "stippling" -- that's a method of free motion sewing that looks like little worm tracks. Anyway, I'd been practicing on a few smaller items like table runners and felt like I was ready to move on to something bigger. I'd shown Kristi some of the things I'd been making and she said she'd like a quilt with stippling. So she bought a twin sheet set that she liked, gave it to me and this quilt is the results of that project. I got it finished in time to send it her for her birthday . . . and now she's all wrapped up in a warm and cozy quilt. Just the perfect thing after a day of skiing or any other time you need to feel a little extra warmth from a mother's love.

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Kristi Burley said...

I LOVE the quilt - thanks for making it!! Beau tries to snuggle up in it from time to he might have to get "his own" quilt sometime. I guess that's one of the few bummers of having an August birthday. He probably never gets a warm, snuggly quilt.