Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Down in the Valley

This is another one of my winter projects. This tablerunner is made by a method called, "Paper Piecing". What that means is that by sewing fabric onto a piece of paper that has a pattern printed on it, you can use very small pieces of fabric and make some very tiny and intricate designs. I love designs with houses and trees so when I saw this pattern that combined so many of the things I love, I knew it would be a project I'd enjoy making.This pattern is called "Down in the Valley", and each side of the tablerunner represents a different little group of buildings to make up a village. First there's a home and barn surrounded by trees --does that sound familiar?

Next is the little white church . . . again surrounded by trees.Then all the different colored storesfronts and buildings that make up a little village.

Next, the little red school with a flagpole and white picket fence. All of the houses are separated by a field of freshly plowed soil . . . after all, this is a little farming community.

Put it all together with some wonky stars in the corners, a few more trees, and you have a cute little village set "Down in the Valley". I really do love paper piecing. I can use up some tiny pieces of fabric and make a unique, one of a kind tablerunner.
I like the challenge of learning new techniques and combining colors to make something that really appeals to me. It may take a while to complete because I'm not really in a hurry to finish any one project. I try to enjoy the whole process, it's not so much about hurrying to complete something as it is to enjoy each phase of the project--deciding on the pattern, selecting the fabric, piecing and then finishing the item. Then whenever one of my quilting projects is complete, I can look back on the whole thing as a enjoyable experience. That's part of my "Enjoy the Journey" mindset.


Mr Lee said...

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Kristi Burley said...

I love to see all of your great projects! Thanks for posting.