Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Someone's in the kitchen . . .

Every potential chef needs the right clothes so he'll look good on the job. Since little Mitch has shown a real interest not only in his own "little kitchen" but also in helping his mom and dad in their kitchen, I thought he should look like a real chef.

For his March 15th birthday I made Mitch his very own chef hat, jacket and pants. I don't think you'll ever find a cuter chef. Now he's all set to start whipping up qourmet meals . He's going to win you over with those eyes. . .and his original recipes.

Mitch is going to give everyone a run for their money. Before you know it he'll be submitting his recipes to TRC - - then challenging Bobby Flay and giving Emeril some stiff competition. Watch out FOOD Network--he just might be the next Food Network Star!
Watch out world. . . .here he comes!

1 comment:

Kristi Burley said...

Adorable!! I LOVE the chef's outfit.